About Us

Diversity needs cohesion, a connecting element that gives structure and orientation at the same time. We connect service providers and users of industrial facility and location management, certification solution providers with and among each other. With our partners worldwide, we ensure the qualified exchange and support companies in their growth.

Together with our partners, we offer guidelines and certificates that are already an integral part of high-quality industrial site and facility management solutions. Our growing success is our driving force for tomorrow’s creative services. Our aim is also in the future to optimize the development of industrial site management and to accompany our partner. In doing so, we are open-minded and highly competent in addressing the central issues that will shape and change our industry and society in the coming years. These include, for example, sustainability, digitization, working environments 4.0, education, and many other aspects that will soon become a matter of course in our everyday lives.

We will introduce the Leading Industrial Parks in Europe to you on a weekly basis.

Furthermore, in 2020, we will set up and operate a corresponding forum platform for interested players for knowledge management and technology transfer at this internet address. We invite all interested parties to join us to publish their contributions and moderate discussions in this forum.